Your Very Own Spubble


I loved doing this assignment! Unfortunately, Picnik is no longer available for use so I used FotoFlexer instead. It changed the photo quality, but I still think it conveys the message!

Fotoflexer is free and easy way to edit your personal photos.  All you have to do is upload a photo from your browser. Once it has loaded you have the option to change the contrast, colors, add text, add images etc. I added the text and the opted to use a word bubble as a background option rather than default transparency. At first I inserted the word bubble as a picture and layered the text over it but it looked strange. I am not sure why the quality of the photo decreased but I do not think this alone would stop me from using Fotoflexer again on another project.

You can see more examples of this project here: Your Very Own Spubble

Assignment Value: 2 Stars

Total Value for Week 1: 2 Stars